So, this is what we do?

UPI delivers data!  Yes, data.  We inspect pipe infrastructure for deep utility companies and for municipal governments.  We clean both the storm and sanitary lines prior to cleaning so that our robotic camera units can get the best quality data to deliver to our clients. 

Should we find defects in the pipe, we inform our customer immediately.

Its what we do! 

Now, for the details…

CCTV Inspections

The purpose of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Inspection is to determine:

      ·         Structural condition

      ·         Location of structural defects

      ·         Evidence of infiltration and exfiltration

      ·         Identify size and material on construction

      ·         Locate service laterals

      ·         Locate obstructions (roots, grease, debris)

CCTV Inspection generally consists of a remotely-operated camera, mounted on a self-propelled robotic crawler that is connected to a video monitor at the surface.  These systems are contained with a vehicle for easy movement to a job site.

CCTV Inspection allows our clients to visually inspect pipe and their connections without their entering the pipe structure.  We deliver quality video of every pipe and all lateral connections so they can be assured that the pipe is in the best possible condition.  By placing our robotic unit directly into the pipe through a manhole entry point, our operators video the pipe in real time and can deliver a report to you almost immediately.  After every job, customers can be given a comprehensive written report complete with DVDs though most customers prefer the report and videos be delivered to them in digital form, on an external memory hard drive.

Deflection Test Inspections (Mandrel)

Deflection testing is used to determine the integrity of flexible sewer pipe and to ensure it has not become crushed during installation, meeting its design specifications and circumference. The tool used in deflection testing is called a mandrel. When sewer pipes are installed it is critical to confirm that the proper installation ad field construction techniques were used. Flexible pipes will deflect when placed under a load, but there is a limit to how much deflection is allowed by the municipality within which it has been installed. One of the ways to test if deflection is within allowable limits is to use a mandrel or deflection gauge. The mandrel is dragged through the pipeline to verify that the inside diameter has not been deflected beyond acceptance limits.

UPI uses an open nine-arm design to make sure that debris and gravel can quickly flow through allowing an accurate test. They have been manufactured with exact precision for the pipe size and are field certified with proving rings.

Should deflection testing be required, our operators perform the testing and a video of the test is delivered with our written report where we note a pass or fail.

Sewer Cleaning

High Power Flushing/Jetting Units

The quality of our video is very dependent on the cleanliness of the pipe being inspected. UPI recommends pre-cleaning of pipe infrastructure prior to our CCTV inspections for optimal picture quality.

Our flushing units use high-pressure water to flush out stones, sediment and other unwanted material from the sewer. It is the combination of high pressure and high flow rates that clean the pipe. A flushing nozzle is installed on the end of the jet truck's hose and the hose is lowered into the downstream manhole of the sewer section being cleaned.

There are a number of rear facing jets in the circumference of the nozzle that allow the high pressure water to propel the flushing nozzle and sewer hose up the sewer line to the next manhole, which is usually no more than 100m away. As the nozzle moves up and down the pipe, it dislodges sediment, stone and other debris and flushes it downstream to the manhole where it can be removed from the sewer.

There are a variety of cleaning nozzles, each tailored for removing certain materials from the sewer system. Some examples are penetrating nozzles, which have one frontward facng nozzles that penetrate a blockage and break it up for removal. Spinning nozzles spin and scour the pipe walls during cleaning.

Combination Units

Our fleet utilizes "combi" sewer cleaners. These high velocity high pressure vacuum units are able to power flush and clean sanitary and storm sewer lines, lift stations, catch basins and effluent lines. While the cleaning takes place, we also vacuum up the debris that is being flushed down the line to the truck. In addition to our high power flushing and vacuum systems we also carry the necessary tools for removal of grease, roots and encrustation buildup which may be found in the lines.

Like our High Pressure Flushing units, the cleaning process is extremely similar, the difference is that with the combi units, any debris which is dislodged is vacuumed up into the truck tank at the downstream manhole and can be hauled away from the area and usually deposited at the nearest landfill site in an environmentally safe repository.

By not flushing the debris down the line, this allows for the pipe to do what is intended; flowing storm water to rivers and streams without unnecessary debris and allowing wastewater debris to flow freely to a Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Manhole Inspections

UPI offers manhole inspections to our clients. This is a time-consuming process, but effective for most needs. All defects in the pipe are manually recorded with a picture taken for inputting into the final report.

Push Camera Inspections

UPI's mini camera unit is one of our smallest models of portable camera control units. It features a built in 8" colour LCD monitor, digital recorder with USB and video out connector. It has an adjustable light source supply and connects to a pushrod reel with slip ring and mini colour camera. Our unit comes with a 200 foot pushrod cable.

Typically this type of inspection is required by homeowners to inspect their sewer line from the house to the street to determine the integrity of the sewer line.

If your sewer is backed up, sewer clean out and pipe repair services can help fix the problem. A backed up sewer is a major issue that the homeowner should get fixed immediately. If left unchecked, it can cause toilets, tubs and sinks to become clogged and waste can start backing up into your home.. UPI can inspect your home drains right to the city connection, thereby knowing whether this is a homeowner or a city problem.